Gotta Groove

from by 4 Broz By Broz



[DJ Oatmeal]
La-Z-Boy back and enjoy yourself
Cause just like soy, Oatmeal's good for your health
Says your physician, 4 Broz 2nd edition on a mission
4th floor office door sign says we're out fishin'
And I spread it on thick, like grandmas canned jam
I'm back in the saddle like the Son of Sam
I am an appliance designed to drop science
My bill paying skills is what keeps me financed
Bringing tracks back to life like Solomon Grundy
And I cut up a rug like it's a dame and I'm Bundy
This groove's got the back that makes you shake your tush
Fat Bass line's thicker than George W's Bush
Ladies on the dance floor: we know you wanted more
We're back on the wax- and it's time settle the score
Our funk's a work of art -and it's hanging in The Louvre
When the patrons walk past it - you know they bust a move

Cause I gotta, gotta gotta, gotta groove right now!

[H nasty Bamboo Shoots a.k.a. Tangerines]
I'm farting out rhymes all over your face
I'm the Rapping Detective, and I'm wrapping up this case
If you lost your daugher, I can help you find her
Phantom Menace puts the case files in a 3-ring binder
There's no need to call an ambulance
You're not covered in ants, there's no hot soup in your pants
I'm just slamming these rhymes down hard Like Larry Nance
When I get up on stage, you're going to stand up and dance

[Tangerines and DJ Oatmeal]
We rhyme with speed - nah, we don't fatigue
Members of the Poetic Justice League
Tangerines and Oatmeal got nothing left to prove
We're a great a breakfast combo for those who got to groove


Wine and condoms - all you need at a picnic
Let me flick you a quick tip - you can't handle this dick, kid
You're flaccid - I cum miracles on ice like Lake Placid
Shoot it in your eyues - it blinds like battery acid
Oh? I got you pregnant? Well, isn't that tragic?
Take my advice and go get an abortion
And don't you dare ask me to pay my portion
'Caue I can't, cause I won't
Cause 4 Broz is back at the club
Making all the girls moist and all the guys get chubs
Doing hip hop dances like Coach Z and Bubs
Now stop bothering me about child support!


[DJ Oatmeal]
Screams peel for Oatmeal and they always be pesterin'
Pull a Charleston Heston, fire my Smith and Wesson
And I got a round left for a lucky-feeling punk
Shatter you like glass on a O'Neil dunk
3 sheets to the wind, half mast already gone
His partial got court martialed, twas illegal public schlong
Saruman ain't on the chronic, he's hooked on phonics
He got a B+ in pleasure from The the School of Hedonics
Now it's me and Tangerines and we're on the scene and
Gotta Move to this groove like you were bustin' a Keaton
The Times headline's got the full details:
"Oatmeal fucked up the track like a penny on the rails"


from 4 Broz By Broz Pt. II, released September 29, 2013
4 Broz By Broz
Featuring DJ Oatmeal and Tangerines




4 Broz By Broz Columbus, Ohio

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