4 Broz By Broz pt. I

by 4 Broz By Broz

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Debut Rap EP for 4 Broz By Broz


released March 28, 2013

4 Broz By Broz Features:

Stephen Genes the Magnanimous a.k.a. Joey "Shifty" Fingrrzz
DJ Oatmeal
Saruman of Many Kronics a.k.a. The Phantom Menace
Tater Chips
J. Rage-a a.k.a. The Journalist
Tangerines a.k.a. H Nasty Bamboo Shoots
lil' 2k10
MC Half Mast a.k.a. Dick Sucka Slim
Da Reel MC

The track list is:

1. The Get Down
2. 3 on the Mic
3. Meditationz
4. Ragin' at Half Mast
5. Cool Dudes

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4 Broz By Broz Columbus, Ohio

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Track Name: The Get Down
[Stephen Genes the Magnanimous]
Steve Genes on the Dream Team
Rising straight to the top like the true cream
I'm cooler than cool beans and hot like I'm preteen
Tight like I'm sardines - now check it
Let's be truthful, I dominate shit like Metamucil
My flow goes hard - take a bite and chip a tooth, fool
Go on and make yourself useful
Straight from the roofs, I'm the gallows and the noose

[DJ Oatmeal]
I'm telling news on the mic
Like Walter Cronkite
And to all you other rappers who all sound alike:
I'm the flow-faster master, a Katrina disaster
On the charts I outlast ya and I move right past ya
Because I'm front and center, the feature attraction
And I rhyme so fast that you need closed-caption
It was nice to meet ya, but now I'm going to eat ya
Because I slice you up and 'put it in the pizza'

[Saruman of Many Kronics]
They call me Saruman of Many Kronics
Electric Pokemon aren't effective against Onyx
You might catch me watching Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Or dropping fresh beats like Milton Babbitt
Smooth like pahoehoe, sharp like A'a
For those who aren't hip that's 'liquid hot magma'
Telling fresh tales like Geoffrey Chaucer
Blowing your mind like a flying saucer
No, I'm not tripping and I know I'm the best
And I don't give a darn if I fail my driver's test
Dark Star into Truckin' into Wharf Rat to Dark Star
Gotta take a leak but I'll return like Jafar

[Tater Chips]
Smoke three joints with the Grateful Dead
Ate a log a cheese with a gun to my head
Killed twelve hookers for a loaf of bread
Turned water into wine, bless ya ass with lead
No, my rhymes ain't swag - they Panama Red
Crossed the Sahara Desert with a dog and a sled
Got a million man army that's very well fed
When it comes to Danson, I'm just like Ted
Drink a forty ounce on Calvary where Jesus Bled
Sold my soul to Satan in a tool shed
Fix your lacerations with a needle and thread
Had your sister, wife, and grandma naked in your mamma's bed
My drug of choice is Sudafed
Grab a stack of fan mail for the daily shred
Put a bomb in the ignition of your moped
No one want to hear your rhymes, they listen to mine instead

[J. Rage-a]
Ninety-nine percent of the ladies can't be wrong
Got girls climbing my legs trying to get to my schlong
Just step back, take a seat, and take a number
You got to take turns to get a piece of this lumber
Yes, I know I'm fly, and my whip is Intriguing
And I'm sure that you've heard of all the paper I'm receiving
But you got to ask yourself if you can hang with the Rage-a
When you make up your mind, just hit up my pager

[Stephen Genes the Magnanimous]
Virgin inside the flower, yet hours of golden showers
My stream of pee is retarded, I'm the shit and I farted
No, I don't eat man meat because I'm a vegetarian
But if you're very thin and you cum real quick
I'll suck that dick fo sho, though
No homo!
Track Name: 3 on the Mic
[DJ Oatmeal]
My name is not Rutherford, they call me Michael Hayes
And my shit is like Pogs, because I'm the latest craze
I'm fly, I'm shy, I'm fly I repeat:
I walk right past you when I see you on the street
You know my shows sell more tickets than New Hope prequels
Make more money than Chipmunk Squeakquels
I am the master, and you are the apprentice
I beat your ass down when we play table tennis
Because you rhyme fast, but I rhyme faster
Get over on Kerr like my man Lancaster
Because I am a man out on a mission:
Supreme, sublime lyrical acquisition
Playing beats on my box, making music for my people
Know a lot of MCs, but none are my equal
I'm your obsession, you came confessin'
You get denied and pay your shrink for a session
Roll around town, got my nine by my side
Knocked off Fifth Third like Bonnie and Clyde
I'm dusted, not rusted, and my crew comes first
You mess with Sucka Slim, and you go home in a hearse
Cause we got enough crack-outs, trying to befriend us
Get ready for some truth, pass the mic to Phantom Menace

[The Phantom Menace, a.k.a. Saruman of Many Kronics]
Howdy-doo, it's the Phantom Menace
I'm a frickin' Sith Lord, I ain't no apprentice
Watch a PBS special on Jack the Ripper
Watch it once for me, and once for the Gipper
Shout out to my man lil' 2k10
He's got rhymes, and better time than Big Ben
DJ Oatmeal innovates like Wayne Szalinski
J. Rage-a causes riots like Igor Stravinsky
Steve Gene's favorite movie is Ernest Goes to Jail
I'd make Half Mast a sandwich, but my bread went stale
4 Broz By Broz, fortune and fame
You talking 'bout practice? I'm talking 'bout the game!
Got bad sneakers, like Donald Fagen
And I'm more Cosmic than Carl Sagan
Like Yukon Cornelius, I got silver and gold
And I beat Doom II when I was four years old
If you don't believe me, get a lie detector
We can put the results on an overhead projector
I'mma make like a banana and split
Tangerines use the mic as you see fit

[H Nasty Bamboo Shoots a.k.a. Tangerines]
Tangerines on the scene and I'm silken clean
My rhymes are so sick, they'll turn your body green
Make you bend over the toilet like Gordita Supremes
Make your hair fall out like chemotherapy
Skeet in your cereal like Skeeter's Jizzy Cheerios
Perform high-flying acrobatics just like Ray Mysterio
I overheard you asking silly questions to your grandpa
You didn't know? I'm all about the za!
I do drugs like I was ten feet tall
And I once got accosted while I was pooping at the mall
I've seen a couple more ladies than Stevie Wonder
And I pleasured them til they roared like thunder
I Like to bed them at The Purple Grape
And tape shapes of Severus Snape get raped on their nape
Now H Nasty Bamboo Shoots gonna get dippin'
Me and DJ Oatmeal gonna have a a Pabst Blue Ribbon
Track Name: Meditationz
[DJ Oatmeal]
I'm ziplocked, with my get fresh flow on
My prose explodes just like an Edgar Allan poem
I'm a grizzled vet, a twelve-year pro
But I'm not above a little quid pro quo
I got the savoir faire in my dance and my walk
I got the funky ass beats and all you do is gawk
Lil 2k10's gonna wield some clout
So, Jim, get on the mic and turn it out!

[Lil 2k10]
I'll break your fucking bone, use a piece of ???
And use that motherfucker to smash your fucking dome
I may be mad, but I ain't bad, I'll CT scan you up with rad
Engineer you a new skeleton made of ice and chrome

[DJ Oatmeal]
Just dropping in and I see the track's gellin'
Got a long wooden staff just like Ian McKellen
Well, I'm the Lady's Choice - like Hugh Jackman
Just try and beat my bro at Ms. Pacman
Like Spock to Kirk - or Nash to Dirk
You want to sound like this? Well, this shit takes work
The Grundle Bundle is in full effect
Now my bro takes the mic so give him some respect

[Lil 2k10]
Listen closely now; I'm going to set your mind free
Turn off your TV, check my man Dostoyevsky
David Foster Wallce, Nabokov, ???
I'm like Raskolnikov but with a motherfucking Glock
And I unload it fast, but not as quick as I shred
Ripping through Comin at Ya with some Tears to Forget
Pick up my six string, She plays like bells ring
When I get into the zone, I can make my baby sing, she's saying:
Yea, yea, that's my girl Debra!

[DJ Oatmeal]
Midas touch, all my track's are gold
They had to invent a number for how many I've sold
Well, you think I'm a chump? Take a tape of your farts
Remix your dump and have it topping the charts
A powerful display, but now I must parlay
The mic to my bro, cause he got something to say:
"Oatmeal in the clear, and here, represent!"
And my style makes your mother dear pitch a tent
And I give it to her soft "I give it to her hard"
As I commandeer this track like Jean Luc Picard
And I'm hitting my stride with my long lasting flavor
2k10 comes again, so check your behavior

[Lil 2k10]
What's up brah? "Not much, whatcha doing?"
"Want to party, mang?" Well I got a keg brewing
A bout of Imperial Stout, get some Pabst, cause I'm out
Let's play some Sensei, cause I'm thinking BLAOW!
Track Name: Ragin' at Half Mast
[J. Rage-a]
They call me J. Rage-a and I keep my shit tight
Engineer by day, journalist by night
Been rapping straight up since the day I was born
Half Mast can vouch, I write lyrical porn
Make dicks stand at attention, can create a monsoon
In the deep south region us two-timers call 'poon'
But I'm not here to shock or offend your sensibilities
I'm looking to increase my lyrical fertility
You claim you got the beats that get all the chicks dancin'
By the rhymes that you bust make you sound like Hanson
You flow is straight pathetic and your diction: reprehensible
A job for you at K-Mart would be much more sensible
But if you want to run with the biggest and the best
I can write all your lyrics, help you cheat on the hip hop test
The cost of inspiration won't be value priced
My rates will leave you saying "Jesus H.Q. Christ!"

[MC Half Mast]
They call me Half Mast in the hood that I'm from
A place called The Pines - like one person has a gun
Make you shit yourself - Revenge of Montezuma
Hitting you with rhymes faster than a crippled puma
Never ate dinner at a place called Dave 'n' Busters
So don't you even ask, you motherfucking motherf***ers
Saving the day just like Batman and Robin
Boned eighty bitches and my dick's still throbbin'
I'm sometimes called Verizon cause I like to have 4gies
When five is too much, and three is only company
Don't mind a critique, but I hate heavy scrutiny
You haters look weak, 'specially when you start saluting me
You listen to these rhymes, there's no way you think they're whack
Cause I am running shit - a goddamn turd on this track

[J. Rage-a]
J. Rage-a and Half Mast, rap duel for the ages
Bringing wisdom to hip-hop, cause we both be sages
But it's time to sign out, so sayonara, fuckers
You can't touch these two-timing suckers
You kiss your mother with that mouth? Shit!
Track Name: Cool Dudes
[Da Reel MC]
Yo, I'm Da Reel , 4 Broz by Broz
Man, I'm drunk as shit and I don't care who knows
I'm making capital gains from my rapping and fame
I'll blow your sister with a twister when I'm making it rain
I got a colorful flow, that's why I'm covered in dough
Like mace to your face, you're seeing double at our show
You other rappers are a bore, it's a chore, need I say more
I'm like the juicy apple, you're like the rotten core
You other rappers are a pest, you should give it a rest
You're a bunch of little birdies chirping up in your nest
But me, I'm a hawk with a ten foot cock
I'm hitting top of the pops while you're shitting on the sidewalk
I'll keep on flowing til my hip don't hop
They call me the toaster cause I make tarts pop
I got more raps than Reynolds, I got more rhymes than buster
My puns fill your buns with General Custer
When I make my last stand, I'll have the mic in my hand
Fucked the world and had a child, parenthood was never planned
I'm drinking gin and tonic, tie it in with some chronic
I'll make your girl's ass shake like plate tectonics
When I'm up on it, I spit verse like a sonnet
I leer like Shakespeare when I can see up your bonnet
Let me turn it over now to my man, Tater Chips
As he toasts the Holy Ghost as the words flow from his lips

[Tater Chips]
Uncle Pattie's Uncle drunk, so please remain calm
I don't write lyrics, motherfucker I write psalms
People always say I got the world in my hand
When I whip out my cock at the poetry slam
Got flint stones larger than the Hoover Dam
Got two scoops of flavor like Raisin Bran
Like Poison Ivy, I'll make you itch
Bust a nut on your bread, call it a Tater Sandwich
I'mma I'mma B, wait I already am
Cause I'm snatching up your babies in an unmarked van
Quit your boo-hooing, it's not so bad
Forget about your parents, Tater Chips is your new dad!

[Da Reel MC and Tater Chips]
Earth - pack the bowl
Fire - spark the spark
Wind and water - that shit's good for your health
When Captain Planet arrives, you know what we're gonna do?
We save the world together - know why? Because we're cool dudes
Billion dollar yachts, drinking fresh pots
Cause we are the haves and you're the have-nots
Got platinum plaques - three laudramats
Got stacks of Dominos as tall as Fats
Selling coke in Belize, saving kitties from trees
Like school girls and priests, got those ladies on their knees
Double fisting beers like it's our careers
Time Magazine calls us Cool Dudes of the Year
Diamonds on our wrist, gold teeth in our face
Iconic rap status, that's Matt and Pat Chase