Watusi Dance

from by 4 Broz By Broz



[Stephen Genes the Magnanimous]
Well fed, we got 'zza - far our like Sun Ra
Undead like Mumm-Ra - I flow cold like tundra
I got flatulence abound, yes I'm tooting out the good sounds
Praise for my timbre resounds, call me the gaseous eraser of frowns
Waft the bouquet of wordplay, Or should I say "sniff my farts"
Well bless your heart! I'm blissfully pissing on your pop tarts
And now I'll skeet on your shredded wheat - part of a complete meal
Treat you to my veal - You know I mean my wiener
I'm a winner at the dinner table
Legendary like a fable - able to rock the joint
Call me The Finger cause I'm always on point

[MC Half Mast]

Hopped up into Target, man, looking for a deal
Silverware - $5 - That's what I call a stainless steel
Met a lady in line, told her I always keep it real
She was dressed so fine and wore some nice high heels
We got to the talking, one thing led to another
And the next thing I knew, I was doinking someones mother
By the time we were done, I had discovered
That her husband came home, and I shouted "Oh, brother!"
This actually never happened, though I dreamt it one time
How I wish it were real and not just in my mind
Such a deal on knives and forks, would I ever even find?
On the off chance I did, I would rob the Target blind
I don't give a shit, here is Mr. Dr. DJ Oatmeal

[DJ Oatmeal]
Exceptional? Please - you're average, in the middle
I'm a nine on the Richter and you barely make a squiggle
My rhymes, refined sugar sticky sweet, get stuck in the beat
On continuous repeat, cause these broz are neat
And flock in feather, together on my cue
Kitchen cooking, a bitching sort of witches brew
Each MC a piece in a stew of a saga
Ali Baba, open sesame, and the words flow like lava
And burn the ears of my peers in the sphere of my influence
My style - worthwhile, finessed and nuanced
With a pleasing aesthetic, and my flow - copacetic
I rhyme the whole dictionary, do it alphabetic
The evidence - empirical, my lyrical dictation
Ranks me top three in the R and B nation
Don't change the station, cause your patience just paid off
Carry the 'x' and divide, enlightenment equation solved


from 4 Broz By Broz Pt. II, released September 29, 2013
4 Broz By Broz
Featuring Steve Genes, MC Half Mast, DJ Oatmeal




4 Broz By Broz Columbus, Ohio

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